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My Checklist

Every computer I service goes through a 35 step Check List, to make sure that your computer is in tip top shape, and if not then I will inform you of any problems I find and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Hardware Checklist

1. Power adapter or power supply working properly
2. Laptop Power jacks secure and making solid connection
3. Fans all working and clean of debris
4. Peripherals and other connections secure, no bad connections
5. RAM (memory) passes diagnostics and runs efficiently
6. Hard drive physical surface scan, no bad sectors, hard drive good
7. No out of the ordinary noises
8. CD-Rom(s) functional
9. Floppy drive functional
10. USB ports in working order
11. No leaking capacitors on motherboard
12. Laptops LCD screen clean, not cracked, no lines
13. Laptops Keyboard fully functional, not sticky
14. Upgrades installed to meet customer needs
15. Check for failing hardware devices

Software Checklist

1. No malware (viruses, etc.) present
2. System has enough free hard drive space
3. System boots without failure, with No errors at start up
4. Services and start up items tuned for best performance
5. System is fast, responsive and stable
6. Hardware drivers loaded and functional
7. All current updates and service packs installed
8. Anti-virus, anti-spy ware present and up to date
9. bloat and other junk software, UN-needed tool bars and browser add-on's removed
10. Third party applications up to date
11. Software errors and warning messages resolved
12. Internet and network settings functional
13. Temp files removed and recycle bins emptied
14. Restore points created
15. Hard drive defragged
16. All user accounts functional and error free
17. Windows operating system is up to date
18. Time/Date settings correct
19. Memory settings are correct
20. Data is backed up and secure