She Geek Computers

  • "I am are eager to solve your computer problems."
  • "We are Happy to Help with Any Computer Related Problem!"

What I Do

I can provide many different computer services.Sometimes, it may only be a bad capacitor or a lose solder connection.
I can help you with everything from hardware repair and replacements, to virus removal, to re-installing your operating system, even custom built computer systems.

Software Services
Sometimes, things happen and you need to restore or repair the operating system. Corrupt drivers, Blue screen of Death and Viruses can sometimes wreak havoc and make using your computer almost impossible. I can restore your Operating System and Software like new. Installing an Operating Systems and Software can be quite challenging and very time consuming, installing the system, installing drivers, setting up the internet connection, installing updates. Why not let me handle it for you? Then you can just sit back and surf.

Want to sell your old computer?But not want to leave your personal information for the new owner? I can help! I can copy all of your information from your old computer, format and re-install the operating system. I can save your files to CD, DVD or to an External Hard drive.

Hardware Repair
I provide diagnostics and troubleshooting, repairs for both desktop and laptop computers, handling many software repairs though remote services, minor cellphone repairs, network setup and troubleshooting. Perform hardware upgrades, Custom built Desktops and Much More.

It is my goal to provide low cost computers and services to those in need, while maintaining excellent customer service. Feel free to call me and see what I can do for you!